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Products & Options

We Make the Best Bodies to Suit Your Individual Needs and Budget.

Types of Steel to Choose From:

  • STRENX STEEL 3/16” Plate – The budget friendly option. Very abrasive resistant!
    • For Non-Damaging Materials
    • Elliptical or Half Round Style Available, Side Height up to 60″
  • STRENX STEEL 1/4″ Plate – Very abrasive resistant!
    • More forgiving of the occasional damaging loads
    • Side Height up to 60″
  • HARDOX – 500TUF 3/16”- Damage and abrasive resistant, lighter than regular steel
    • Elliptical or Half Round Style Available
  • HARDOX 450 ¼” – Very damage and abrasive resistant! The best on the market
    • Elliptical or Half Round Style Available

An Elliptical Dump Body can be built from 10 to 21 feet with 44”, 48”and 54” wall height. Shaped like a bathtub, check out our Elliptical Demo Body here.

Half Round Bodies can be built from 10 feet to 21 feet with 44” or 48” wall height. Shaped like a barrel cut in half, check out our Half Round Body here.

All Dump Bodies Include:

  • Cab Protector for Dump Bodies – Standard is 80”
    * Custom height if needed
  • Half or Full Fenders
    * Check options below
  • Subframe (1 foot shorter than dump body in rear) 4”X4”X3/16”
  • Telescopic Cylinder: HYVA
    • Number of stages depends on length of dump body
  • Spreader Apron with Heavy Duty Shed Bar
  • Dual Action Tailgate System
    • High Lift as well as Swing
    • Available on STRENX Bodies
  • Air Cylinders – for high lift gate (inside or outside, your choice)
    • Available on STRENX Bodies
  • Lights – D.O.T. All LED
    • Includes reverse white lights
  • Tarping System – tarp arms, electric motor, switch, wire, and heavy-duty mesh tarp
  • Standard colors: Jet Black, Brilliant White, Cummins Red, Viper Blue
  • Top Rail; 4”X4”X3/16″ square tube set on end (diamond shape) to shed material
  • Anti-Spill Tailgate System (with 2 pneumatic cylinders, 1 for each latch)
  • Outside Ladder – Front or Rear, your choice

Options Available for Dump Bodies

  • Multiple colors – You can choose a specific color of your own
    * We can color match your truck!
  • Diamond Plate Aluminum Fender Topper
  • In Cab Controls with Tower and ¼” air line
  • Lift axle controls and valves
  • Oil tank/reservoir with vented cap (side mounted tank)
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • PTO (will need transmission Make and Model #)
  • Steel or Aluminum arm tarp system
  • Asphalt tarp
  • Additional marker lights
  • Bang board brackets – to add extra height
  • Barn Door
  • Asphalt/Ditch gate
  • Replace Sub-Frame with Cylinder Saddle
  • Hinges/Pins
  • Hitch plate – ¾” with D rings
  • Pintle Hitch – many different tonnages
  • Rear 7 pin electric connection
  • Rear air line connections (Glad Hands)
  • Front of box hydraulic tank (cone shape on front of subframe)
  • Behind cab hydraulic tank (rectangle, mount on truck frame)
  • Side Mount hydraulic tank (mount on side of truck frame)
  • Dump body vibrator
  • Shipping from us to you
  • Discount for multiple dump body purchases of 3 or more
    • Please Call for Wholesale Pricing

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